how to make right decision

A Danish Proverb Says “ He who has choice has trouble”. Successes as well as failure are the result of decision .What then distinguishes successes and failure ?
Good decision and bad decision.
There is a distinction between Bad and wrong decision .
The distinction is important ,because it separate ‘out comes’ which you can not control from ‘process’ which you can.
Wrong decision are inevitable part of life .but bad decisions are unforced errors, they are certainly avoidable and there are proven techniques to avoid the most predictable pitfalls.

A Young Journalist Ask a wise man what the secrete is to being a successful man.
“Making a good decision” the man answers.
“well what is the Secret of making good decision then?’ the journalist ask
‘experience” the man answers
“and where does one gain this kind of experience ?” the journalist ask again
‘from making bad decision” the man answers.

There are several style of decision making and all things being equal, one does not stand out better than other.
It is totally a matter of personal preference.
Some people carefully examine the facts and circumstances while other goes for their gut feeling before making their decision.
Some take their time and other decide quickly.
Utmost important things is that which style will suit to you try to stick to this one most of time .
Using decision style which does not suit to you is like wearing a wrong number shoes which will trouble you and make you uncomfortable .
Below there are some keys for making right decision,

1.Learn from your past Experience: To discover which decision style work best for you ,simply go to flash back ,when you were at your personal best.
There would be a time when conditions are not favorable to you and you make the difficult decision and now looking back you see that things turned well.
How did we make this decision ,did we consult with someone and do lot of research or did you go with your gut feelings.
Similarly, look back to decision you made that did not turn out well and search for pattern there too.

2.Counsult with other ,but limit the number actual decision makers; Consult with people ,take their ideas as many as possible but evaluate them before implementation .Make responsible to own self for your own decision.

3.When time are good ,create a sense of urgency around decision making .When time are bad ,slow things down wherever possible;
This is true even though your natural instinct in crisis may be to make decision quickly.
When time get tough slow down and take your own time in making decision when you can ,because these decision may ultimately determine whether you win or loose.

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